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FINALLY! We are due to get a healthy dose of Spring this week! I'm not sure if I can endure the roller coaster ride where nice-as-hell days are followed by snow flurries around coffee O'clock, followed by this. SPRING, BRING IT ON!!!! ;-)~


20 Years of love and laughter

Honestly, it seems like only yesterday that I kissed her for the first time. I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life. All I remember was being on top of the world when I stepped out of my car to get gas on the way home. The winter wind blew right through all 120 pounds of me as I thought…. "She is the one." I have never been the same since! My wife of 20 years, and best friend for almost 25, has given me all the missing puzzle pieces to make my life complete; her hand, her heart, and our three beautiful children. Her smile, laugh, voice, touch, and smell are what I hold dearest. Her willingness to put up with my shit is something which I am grateful for. Her kitchen-ness is flat out unbeatable (as I am no longer 120 pounds!) Did I mention her kiss? Nope that one's just for me:)


The NailMaster 2

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OK... Why I didn't buy one of these 20 years ago, I don't know! Do you have any idea how many finishing nails I have bent in my days? Well... not too many but every single one of them SUCKED! No more now that I have the NailMaster 2 :-)~