The Old Man Goes to Seattle

Tomorrow I'll be departing to Seattle to attend my first electronic dance music (EDM) festival. WHAT??? What is a fifty year old man doing, partaking of such craziness you ask? Allow me to rewind a bit. Both of our sons, Adam and Nick, 25 and 21 respectively, were drawn into the EDM scene as teenagers. Each one of them found their identity there, among an amazing community of their own. This community has faithfully stood by Nick while he heals and the bond that these close brothers already shared was only strengthened through this brand of music.

Nick saved money for over a year to travel to Seattle and witness the glory of Above & Beyond 250, a music festival that he holds in high regard. Adam and Lauren were set to go with him too, but were ultimately unable to make it happen with their busy schedules. In the end, Nick will get to see this show with his buddies, Jake, Ryan, Mikey... and THEO...ld man!

That brings the story back to me. I don't want you to think I'm just taking one for the team. Having witnessed the healing effect that one particular A&B song had on Nick while he was in the hospital, I knew he needed to get to Seattle and my wife agreed. Tickets were bought and everybody was at ease. The song "Alright Now," the one featured at the bottom of his blog page, will forever remind me of Nick's strength and perseverance through his challenge. So sharing this experience with him is going to be a real gift, and for that I am thankful.

Wish me luck!