Ten Sixteen...

I'm sitting here in the middle of a familiar feeling that hits me once in a while. It's one that I've had before on many occasions, better defined as the sensation of having an event-induced emotional setback lifted from your shoulders. You know the one. It's equivalent to that moment when you have a 36 hour fever break and you're suddenly alive again! You feel like you want to go breathe ALL the air! You are back to yourself. Yeah, that's the feeling. What was my brain toiling over, you say? This month it was a forced sixteen day departure from my livelihood, last month was FAR worse as it brought a life changing flood for some family and friends throughout Colorado. To say that it's been one hell of a fall season would be an understatement.

Today's news of ending the ridiculous government shutdown lifted me back into the saddle. The 11th hour conclusion to the sixteen days worth of MSNBC that I've just consumed, though not as riveting as the conclusion of Breaking Bad, was a good one. Damn, in hindsight, I could have watched Breaking Bad all over again! Regardless, I am instantly realizing my desperate need for a shave, my jammie pants have overstayed their welcome in my spot on the couch, I am realizing that I've consumed more than my fair share of beer in the last sixteen days, and above all, I am realizing that my body and mind still have a passionate need to wake up in the early morning and go help make something happen in the scientific community which I serve.

I'm going back to work tomorrow!