Bike to Work Day 2013

It was a beautiful day to ride to work! Yes, I drove most of the way, but I rode nearly 6 miles on my planned tour of the old 'hood.

I started the day off by taking my "bike to work." Well, sorta. I parked at Foothills and Baseline and rode to NIST from there.

My first stop was Thunderbird Lake. I recall falling on the ice there trying to skate when I was about 5 or 6. Later, I spent many hours fishing with my pal Adam Cecil in our inflatable rafts.

My second stop was at my elementary school, Burke, which is now Horizons K-8.

I was glad to see this old relic was still in front of the school. Burke school was named after Admiral Arleigh Burke. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arleigh_Burke

Just a stone's throw away was my home from age 1-5. It looks alot different now with a totally different roof.

On my way to my next planned stop, I ran into this lovely lady... no, not literally. I learned early on that Mrs. O would gladly give me an after school snack if I ever happened to be locked out of my house.

Here is where I spent the majority of my adolescence, from 5-16. It's changed a lot since I lived there, but it is still my favorite place to drive by in Boulder. SO many good memories there!

Not as extravagant as our last home, this townhome kept us comfortable during the transition period while my parents built a home in Louisville.

I did finally arrive at work about 45 minutes later and got a prime parking spot right next to the door.

Every year, the Boulder Labs Employee Association puts on a "second breakfast" for all of the BTWD participants. They even have a bicycle parade starring all of the day care kids.

Lots of fruit, breads, and goodies were available for everyone who pedaled into work today.