Joyful... Why not me, lately?

I know I'm not alone saying that there are plenty of things bringing me down right now. They're on my mind daily, just like you, and they will be on my mind tomorrow. For just a moment I need to pause and grab onto things that make me joyful, so here we go with a short list. I won't even make you click through to read each of these three things I identified over the last week or three.

1. Hands down, the best therapy recently was road trippin' with my best friend, my wife. Stupid jokes that we only get. Snacks on deck that were made to kill us. Awesome classic tunes bellowing from the speakers. No snow on the road between us and Fruita and the same on the way home after a wonderful Thanksgiving with her sister's family. SHE is my best medicine, SHE keeps me grounded!

2. Seeing the world through my adult children's eyes. Though I am getting older, and my three 20-something kids don't think I'm listening all the time, I hear every word they say. Their worries, dreams, fears, and triumphs all ride shotgun with me each and every day, an obligation that I hold dearly.

3. Reading to our five-year-old Goddaughter. She knows which book she wants to hear just as much as I know which book I want to read. Ms. Ayda has me wrapped pretty tightly. She brings patience back into my life. Not that it's a skill that I'm lacking greatly in, but I do have my moments. She somehow brings me back to a place where kind words, sympathy, love, and wonder all meet.

These are the things that will get me back up tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day...