Fomo and Knowmo

A creature named "Fomo" (Fear of missing out) has been lurking in all of our lives for quite a while now. You've felt its presence. I know I've felt it. Fomo creates a very real feeling in today's highly-interconnected, digital culture that we need to always stay electronically connected. Fomo is a motherfucker who tags behind you all day, asking how much longer it's gonna be before the two of you two can sit down and find out what EVERYBODY is saying, doing, writing, watching, listening to, eating, feeling, reading, driving to, climbing, jumping off of, flying to, or camelbacking to! Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly acceptable to hang out with Fomo every now and then, for the sole purpose of introducing you to many intriguing people.

However, if you're looking for a way to escape the madness that Fomo creates, meet Fomo's wise, soft spoken sibling, "Knowmo." Knowmo reminds you that it's OK to slow down and engage for a few minutes, quarters, halves, or full hours with the people you have chosen to follow or friend in this vast space. You befriended these people for some reason. Can you pinpoint exactly what that was? Knowmo has your best interests at heart. Knowmo finds ways to spend your online hours wisely, learning something from your clan, getting to "know" them, ya know? Knowmo will introduce you to worlds that you may have never thought existed. Knowmo will remind you why you originally started partaking of the social media pie.

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